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Stephanie Green’s Cancer Is The New Black

Laura would like to welcome the sudden influx of readers to her brant — like, lots and lots of them, so many, in fact, that she just had to take a minute and say a special hello — courtesy of Stephanie Green’s recent blog about Laura on Cancer Is The New Black. Stephanie and Laura have developed a great on-line Facebook friendship in the past few months because of their common experience with breast cancer and Laura’s obsession with Stephanie’s fabulous Shu Uemera false eyelashes.

Before Stephanie got breast cancer in her early 30s, she worked for Star Magazine and wrote Dishalicious, a memoir about her experience there. Unfortunately, she was sued before she could sell it — there was the matter of her pesky confidentiality agreement — which, Laura can’t help but say, must have totally sucked. While Stephanie’s figuring out her next book idea — undoubtedly based in part on her recent experience with breast cancer — she blogs almost daily (or, at least, way more often and regularly than Laura) at Cancer Is The New Black.

At the risk of invoking that ridiculous little pipsqueak from Project Runway, Stephanie Green is fierce. She is gorgeous and smart and funny and angry and her blog posts are nothing if not a bracing slap — after which you feel more awake and alert and alive because you’ve actually been in someone else’s head and heart and mind and universe. Stephanie Green’s head and heart and mind and universe aren’t like anyone else’s — she’s as relentless a shopper as she is a cancer survivor. She’s fierce about chronicling her surgeries and her chemo and her reconstruction — the wig-shopping and clothes shopping and what it’s like to watch her hair grow back in — and she’s fierce about telling the truth about how having money has helped her in every step of her medical journey and how different her experience would undoubtedly have been had she not had money–money to pursue tests and great surgeons and everything else that has a huge effect on surviving cancer.

But the other thing Stephanie is truly fierce about is her writing — her blog is funny and smart and honest and sad — and it’s clear that she’s writing with a vengeance: not revengeance, but a deep passion that will not be thwarted: not by cancer, and not by a bunch of stupid lawyers protecting a stupid publication.

Laura can’t wait to read what Stephanie writes next. And she can’t wait to meet Stephanie some day in New York when they will undoubtedly step into a nearby ladies room after lunch and compare surgically reconstructed boobs.