The Morning After: #ShortyFail


Given the fact that I didn’t make it into the top 6 of the Shorty Awards/Videoblogger category, I must find other things to make me happy this morning. One thing that makes me happy is my ability to take a screen-shot of my computer (thanks Ashley Van Buren!) — which I did, and which captures my final vote count — 157! — and the “CLOSED” sign put over my profile as of midnight last night. Another thing that makes me happy is how so many friends on Facebook and Twitter — many of whom I STILL haven’t met in person — enthusiastically cast their votes and wrote really nice reasons as to why they were voting for me (to the people who said “Because she has a gun to my head!” – I forgive you!), and pimped and shilled for me. I’m sorry for the incessant posting of the voting deadline and I hope I haven’t alienated too many friends/followers because of it. Someone called “PrankVsPrank” won with over 2200 votes, grabbing the #1 spot away from Justin Bieber’s official DJ at the very last minute, and most of the people in spots #12 and above — who am I kidding? ALL the people in spots #12 and above (and #14 and below) I’ve never heard of, which clearly says more about my lack of knowledge about the videoblogging world and less about their popularity in it.

And so … back to making Xtranormal “Annoying Conversations.” Thanks for liking the videos and for watching them when I post links on Facebook and Twitter and when The Huffington Post runs them. I’m working on a creative way to do something with them (by which I mean, MONETIZE THEM). I’ll keep you posted…

Thanks again!


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