From The NYTs, by Pamela Paul: “TMI: Don’t Tell Me, I Don’t Want To Know”

I’m included in this hilarious piece by Pamela Paul along with my fellow Hash Hag, Julie Klam, among many others.

Pamela Paul has written many brilliant pieces for The Times and is the author of three books: The Starter Marriage; Pornified; and Parenting, Inc.. She’s also features editor of The New York Times Book Review and does a bunch of other impressive career-stuff. (Frankly, I think she could be a little busier, but who am I to criticize?) She’s very, very funny on the phone and I hope to meet her one day, in person. Until then, though, I’ll just continue to stalk her on Facebook, obsessing over any photos she happens to post and trying to decide which haircut I like best on her. (Which takes a lot of time, skill, and creepy imagination since I’ve never seen her in real life…)


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