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Annoying Conversation #39: “I’m Going Food Shopping (At 5 Different Stores)!”

What’s the prime number for food shopping?

By which I mean:

What’s the fewest number of stores you can possibly go to and get everything you need?

Most weeks, I go to at least 3 stores. Some weeks, it’s 5. If I throw in a specialty store (liquor, bakery, drug store), it’s upwards of 7.

Now you do the math….

The Morning After: #ShortyFail


Given the fact that I didn’t make it into the top 6 of the Shorty Awards/Videoblogger category, I must find other things to make me happy this morning. One thing that makes me happy is my ability to take a screen-shot of my computer (thanks Ashley Van Buren!) — which I did, and which captures my final vote count — 157! — and the “CLOSED” sign put over my profile as of midnight last night. Another thing that makes me happy is how so many friends on Facebook and Twitter — many of whom I STILL haven’t met in person — enthusiastically cast their votes and wrote really nice reasons as to why they were voting for me (to the people who said “Because she has a gun to my head!” – I forgive you!), and pimped and shilled for me. I’m sorry for the incessant posting of the voting deadline and I hope I haven’t alienated too many friends/followers because of it. Someone called “PrankVsPrank” won with over 2200 votes, grabbing the #1 spot away from Justin Bieber’s official DJ at the very last minute, and most of the people in spots #12 and above — who am I kidding? ALL the people in spots #12 and above (and #14 and below) I’ve never heard of, which clearly says more about my lack of knowledge about the videoblogging world and less about their popularity in it.

And so … back to making Xtranormal “Annoying Conversations.” Thanks for liking the videos and for watching them when I post links on Facebook and Twitter and when The Huffington Post runs them. I’m working on a creative way to do something with them (by which I mean, MONETIZE THEM). I’ll keep you posted…

Thanks again!

From The NYTs, by Pamela Paul: “TMI: Don’t Tell Me, I Don’t Want To Know”

I’m included in this hilarious piece by Pamela Paul along with my fellow Hash Hag, Julie Klam, among many others.

Pamela Paul has written many brilliant pieces for The Times and is the author of three books: The Starter Marriage; Pornified; and Parenting, Inc.. She’s also features editor of The New York Times Book Review and does a bunch of other impressive career-stuff. (Frankly, I think she could be a little busier, but who am I to criticize?) She’s very, very funny on the phone and I hope to meet her one day, in person. Until then, though, I’ll just continue to stalk her on Facebook, obsessing over any photos she happens to post and trying to decide which haircut I like best on her. (Which takes a lot of time, skill, and creepy imagination since I’ve never seen her in real life…)