Ben on the Drums

So Laura takes a week and a half off from Branting (she was kinda busy) and the first thing she posts is video of Ben on the Drums.  This was video taken by her friend Simone at last week’s School of Rock “Guns ‘N Roses vs. Motley Crue” [sorry for the lack of umlaut] concert at the Middle East Club in Cambridge on Sunday. There was also a performance on Saturday at Johnny D’s in Somerville but Laura barely remembers that one because she was kind of Klonned-out:  she’d lost her Blackberry earlier in the day and the thought of having to buy another one — you know, for around $300 because that’s what they charge you when you lose one, not when you sign up for service and get the great cheapo deal — completely sent her over the edge.  She had a complete meltdown in the stupid Shaw’s supermarket in Brighton where she left it, went home, continued her meltdown, then took a Klon before the performance.  While trying to sleep it off in the parked Volvo in front of Johnny D’s 30 minutes before the performance (don’t worry: Brendan drove, parked, checked on her, gave her more time to sleep), Brendan informed her that he’d found her phone: he’d brilliantly texted her lost phone and some guy texted him back: he’d found the Blackberry at the supermarket, was going to turn it in, but was afraid it would just get stolen.  So they arranged to pick up the phone later after the concert at a pizza place in Waltham where the phone-finder-guy worked.  Laura was overjoyed — but completely Klonned out — so her joy felt hazy and rubbery but joyous nontheless.

But back to Ben.

There’s more video that Laura’s going to post as soon as she gets it — a threat! — because there’s a song, “Welcome to the Jungle” that Ben played the drums on and Simone’s son (“Middle” is what she calls him on her blog so Laura won’t use his name here) sang on.  It’s great — GREAT — and she can’t wait to post it.  Laura doesn’t even feel uncomfortable with her shameless child-promotion: she refuses to feel guilty for being amazed by — and wanting other people to be amazed by — Ben’s talent on the drums.  I mean, he’s only nine years old!!  Of course, the other kids in the video are also super talented — Joe Dias (singing/guitar), Ike Sweetnam (guitar), Richie Garceau (bass) — so Laura doesn’t want you to think she’s singling out Ben for any other reason than this is HER brant and she’s allowed to single out her kid here.  But entitlement-of-bragging-and-branting aside, Laura thinks he’s just phenomenal and she’s incredibly proud.

More branting — about topics other than Ben-pride — later…


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