Comcast Still Sucks: Update


Despite the “rant” in “brant” Laura doesn’t usually assume her readers (both of them) particularly enjoy ongoing multi-part multi-day screeds about bad cable companies, but she figured she should just post a brief update since a few friends have asked about the status of her rage vis a vis Comcast.

She wishes she could say her rage was completely gone, remedied by THE ACTUAL SHOWING UP OF A TECHNICIAN YESTERDAY, but unfortunately that’s not the case.  Because:

1) The technician who showed up yesterday was the same one who’d done the installation a month ago.  Laura would like to make clear right here and right now that John Nicholson is a very nice guy and it was not HIS fault that he damaged the connection to her Alarm company to begin with:  as he explained to her yesterday, the original work order from Comcast stated that Laura HAD NO ALARM SYSTEM.  Again, she wants to make clear that she likes John Nicholson very much and he is NOT one of the bad players on the Comcast team.

2)  Laura would like, in her own defense, to say here what she said to the very nice John Nicholson yesterday: that she is a very reasonable, usually polite person who understands that mistakes are made.  When she opened the door at five on the dot yesterday and saw John standing there, trembling slightly (he’d been briefed that she was, as he said a “VIP VIP”), she felt badly that he thought he was going to get reamed for his previous mistake.  He couldn’t have been nicer and is the only genuinely likeable and helpful person she’s dealt with from Comcast.  Because of that, she thinks Comcast management should take notice of him and give him a promotion and a raise.  That, or another cable company should hire him and put him out of his misery at Comcast.

3) But back to the story of yesterday:  apparently, because Laura had made such a “scene” on the phone and in her second (or third) email to “Rick” without a last name on the Comcast Website, John Nicholson informed her that he finished his last job at 2 p.m. and was instructed not to take any other jobs so that he could arrive at her house for her 5 o’clock appointment EXACTLY ON TIME.  Laura felt bad for John — and a little bad for herself since she couldn’t help but feel like that directive made her sound like a MADWOMAN who was INSISTING ON SOME KIND OF RIDICULOUS DEMENTED PUNCTUALITY.  Regardless, he was there and immediately began to try to fix the situation with the cut wires.  After about 20 minutes of having to run up and down the stairs — down to the basement, up to the third floor, back to the basement, out to the truck, back up to the third floor, into the hall coat closet — he told Laura that he’d fixed the connection to the alarm company.  So Laura called the alarm company to do a test and indeed John was right:  after purposely setting off the big noisy house alarm, the alarm company verified that the connection was working and all was right again with Laura’s (cable/phone world).

4)  Not so fast.   The very nice and smart John Nicholson had the presence of mind to make sure that after the test was completed with the alarm company that Laura check to make sure her phone was getting a dial tone — you see, alarm systems are connected through the phone, and so once the phone transmits the problem to the alarm company, the phone is then supposed to go back to being a regular phone again and stop being an alarm-company-problem-alerting-conduit.  Of course, when Laura tried to get a dial tone, there was no dial tone, and thus began ANOTHER CHAPTER IN THE BAD-COMCAST ONGOING MULTI-PART MULTI-DAY SCREED.

5)  After several back and forths with a technician from her alarm company, it was clear that the alarm company was going to have to come out to Laura’s house to fix the problem.  When Laura heard this, she asked the alarm company if they were going to charge her for this.  Probably, the technician said, which of course, makes sense.  Except that Laura then realized that she was going to have to get COMCAST to pay for that service call since, well, IT WASN’T HER FAULT THAT HER PHONE LINE/ALARM LINE ISN’T WORKING PROPERLY: IT’S THEIR FAULT.  Poor John then had to call his supervisor, DENNIS, who then had John inform her that when the alarm company comes to fix the situation they should call Dennis but that COMCAST WON’T PAY FOR ANYTHING THAT HAS TO DO WITH LAURA’S SYSTEM UNLESS IT DIRECTLY RELATES TO THEIR ACTIONS HAVING TO DO WITH HER SYSTEM.

6)  Laura stared at John Nicholson and tried to make a joke of it all — by this point, John was just trying to suffer through being put in an INCREDIBLY UNCOMFORTABLE SHITTY POSITION due to Comcast’s continued idiocy.  Laura said to John that what Dennis had said was one of the stupidest things she’d ever heard — first, because of course she wouldn’t expect Comcast to pay for something that had NOTHING to do with them and second, because UNTIL COMCAST SHOWED UP AND STARTED TOUCHING HER WIRES SHE HAD NO PROBLEM WHATSOEVER WITH HER ALARM SYSTEM AND PHONE LINES.  She said to John that she was getting unhappier by the minute and that Comcast’s customer service was somehow having the reverse effect of what it was supposed to accomplish:  it was making her MADDER when it should have been making her LESS MAD.

7) And so now Laura has to spend YET ANOTHER DAY full of annoyance and rage: waiting for her alarm company to call; waiting for them to come; walking them through the house to help them find wires and wireboxes; waiting for them to reach DENNIS THE COMCAST MENACE and waiting to hear what INCREDIBLY ANNOYING THING HE WILL SAY; then bracing for yet another argument with Comcast about paying for the service call from the alarm company.

8) Laura would like to add here, for the record, something she wishes she’d said yesterday at the beginning of this whole multi-part mult-day screed:  that she knows that people have FAR worse problems than being tormented for weeks by a cable company.  This problem is minor compared to some of the awful things people have to do deal with.  But she figures since she has a brant she might as well use it….


One thought on “Comcast Still Sucks: Update

  1. lauren inker says:

    salvador dali said that bad publicity was better than none, but i hope that your nice technician finds another job

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