Monthly Archives: July 2009


Laura’s posting the link to the “Vows” piece she did for this Sunday’s New York Times — a great couple, Victoria Rowell and Radcliffe Bailey. ┬áLaura’s done a bunch of these in the past and she has to say that this one was her favorite — despite the fact that she had to go up to famous people (e.g. Samuel L. Jackson) and interview them (Laura’s really shy in case you didn’t know it) and despite the fact that being in the midst of someone as fantastically and naturally beautiful as Ms. Rowell made Laura feel, well, like another species. ┬áBut what incredibly accomplished people and what a wonderful love story, which, of course, is what these Vows pieces are all about.

Laura would like to add, just for the hell of it here since it won’t do any good, but she really wishes the part about how the groom’s work is collected by over 25 major American museums (Corcoran, Smithsonian. Art Institute of Chicago, The Metropolitan, to name only a few) hadn’t been edited out (it was in the last draft she received from the Times to look at).