Scary Carrot Nightmare Photo

Laura feels like she’s channeling the fabulous The Mock Dock site by posting photos and then commenting on them but she couldn’t help sharing this photo because it embodies everything Laura fears most about orange vegetables:  namely, having a whole bunch of them in your mouth and a giant bowl of them nearby.  Close friends and eagle-eyed brant readers know all about Laura’s fear of orange vegetables — especially carrots — and including pumpkin, squash, yams, sweet potatoes (but NOT including orange peppers)(or orange FRUIT).  Anyway, here’s the explanation of the gag behind the “Carrot-Off”:

“Legendary actress Glenn Close sat down with Jimmy Fallon Tuesday night and ended up shoving a bunch of baby carrots in her mouth.

Jimmy showed a picture Close had brought of her daughter with 42 baby carrots in her mouth after a family competition, then pulled out a bowl of veggies for a carrot-off on the show.

Close easily prevailed as she tucked them expertly up by her gums and Jimmy had giggle fits.”

That’s all Laura’s going to write about this because looking at the picture is making her want to gag.  But she’s wondering if she would still hate carrots if someone slipped her one of those purple ones.  She thinks she would….



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