The Mock Dock — Mutual Admiration Society

I know I know, twice in one day two days in a row — Laura can’t remember the last time she branted so much — and she’s actually afraid she’s going to start annoying people with her self-referential self-promoting posts.  But she simply couldn’t resist posting a link to this posting about her because it was posted on a truly hilarious blog called The Mock Dock.  Laura could have sworn she posted something about this site a month or so ago but she’s too lazy and behind in her work to scroll through her own brant to find out, so if she did, just take this repeat as more reason to check out the site.  If not, take this opportunity to visit the site and read the hilarious raging entries about topics ranging from those stupid “toxin-removing” Kinoki Foot Pads (mocked on the site which was then picked up by ABC’s “20/20” — giving the site a ton of traffic) to Renee Zellweger to Ashley Judd, which is what the entry she’s linking to is about (it references Laura’s experience with her on the set — oops!  I mean, on set! — of “Someone Like You“).  The only bad thing is that Laura feels a huge time-wasting session coming on — one in which she’s going to read through the entire site — and she truly can’t afford it right now.  

OK.  Maybe she’ll just read a little….

2 thoughts on “The Mock Dock — Mutual Admiration Society

  1. Mockarena says:

    And you even read my kinoki posts? (Insert more blushing here).

    Sent you a note to your main site email address. Let me know if it doesn’t come through. I love that your sister in law is a visitor now too! YAY!

  2. stephanie green says:

    I’m going to avoid the link for now since I’m trying to make use of the fucking time I waste getting Herceptin infusions. But I’m SO glad to hear your book is doing well! xo

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