Post-Obamicon Hangover

Since Laura wasted so much time yesterday making these stupid pictures, she figured she might as well display just one more fruit of her labor.  Patti. Get Over Yourself! is out, it’s doing well, and more great publicity is coming.  Laura will certainly keep you posted right here about all upcoming television appearances and reviews and articles.  She wishes there were an article or some photos about this, but on Friday night in Buffalo Patti was the main draw for the World’s Largest Singles’ Party, held at the Adam’s Mark Hotel.  There were 2000 people there, most of whom were there to see Patti.  Hopefully, all of those 2000 people went home and bought the book online or got up the next day and went to the bookstore to buy it…

And since Laura is always talking up the great people she knows who do great things, she’d like to point out the fact that her amazing web guy, Jefferson Rabb, whom she’d written about tons of times on her old site, was just written up on the back page of the New York Times Book Review.  Obviously, she’s pointing this out and providing the link here because, well, Jefferson Rabb designed Laura’s site and she’s always been extremely proud of the fact that he agreed to do so.  She’s gotten tons of compliments on the site over the years and this blogspot brant that she slapped together herself is a lame imitation of the original brant designed by Rabb for — but who really cares.  This one works and at least she can post photos* on it — lots and lots of stupid Obamicon-ed photos she’s wasted way too much time making…
[*not that it was his fault that she stopped being able to post photos on the old brant–it was just some weird mysterious completely unfixable glitch that probably had something to do with her stupid Mac.]

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