Let the Bidding Begin! Win Lunch with Hugh Jackman!

OK, Laura almost never posts twice in one day — hell, Laura almost never posts twice in one week! — and just for everyone’s information the photo above is the [uncredited] photo used in the promotion of this officially released news item so Laura didn’t waste two hours trolling Google images looking for another 100 photos of Hugh Jackman to use on future brants — but she just came across this actual piece of Hugh Jackman news: apparently, there’s a way to win a lunch with him in NYC — assuming you have the Benjamins.  Up for bidding is lunch for two with Hugh on the set of his new [unspecified] movie, with the proceeds going to the New York Restoration Project.  The bidding started at $5000 and is currently up to $5500.  Laura wishes she had the money to bid a gazillion dollars to guarantee a lunch for herself with Hugh Jackman, but of course, she’s a little short right now.  However, if anyone out there has some money to burn for a good cause and a close encounter with Hugh Jackman (remember:  Laura can vouch for his genuine charm, friendliness, sense of humor, interesting-ness, you know, like it matters!), go to CharityBuzz.com and place your bid.

Laura’s only stipulation is this: you have to take her with you on your lunch date!

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