Back From The Left Coast…And Wishing She Wasn’t

Though the first/third person question still hasn’t been resolved here on Laura’s Brant, Laura’s going to stick to the third person today in a short post.  She’s just back from LA — a short trip (5 days) to do an event at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles about Chick Lit.  She had a great time meeting LA Times Op Ed columnist and author Meghan Daum (Laura’s been a big fan of hers for a long time, especially of the essays in My Misspent Youth) and Elisabeth Robinson, whose novel The True and Outstanding Adventures of the Hunt Sisters Laura loved and who was fantastically smart and entertaining and funny.  Laura would also like to add that she thought both Meghan and Elisabeth looked fabulous — she loved Meghan’s boots (Meghan:  if you’re reading this:  what/who are they?) and loved Elisabeth’s jewelry (and clothes)(and shoes).  Obviously, the irony of these comments is not lost on Laura: talking about her co-panelists’ fashion choices given the Chick-Lit topic, but quite frankly, Laura doesn’t really give a shit.  She had a great time, met Meghan and Elisabeth, saw two former beloved colleagues (publicists) from her days at Random House, talked to lots of really neat people afterwards, (including two really eerily relevant people in the parking garage of the Skirball Center, one of whom was enormously helpful to her, [thank you so very much, Helen]), got to see her sister and spend time with her niece and nephew — as did Ben — and feels free to say whatever she wants right now.

Of course, given the fact that she’s exhausted, she doesn’t have nearly enough energy to say much more.  So she’s posting a link to the lecture/event and will write a more newsy update on the trip sometime over the weekend….


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