Hugh Jackman "Jazz Hands" Decoy Photo #3

OK, look.  It’s late. Laura’s exhausted from being cooped up all day in the house during a blizzard with a kid recovering from corrective surgery. And gratuitously posting another photo of Hugh Jackman — this one, of him dancing — was just too easy.  I mean, why spend hours trying to think of a suitable brant topic when all you need to do is search Google images, spend 2 hours deciding which of the many perfect photos of Hugh Jackman is going to grace your brant today, and post?  Insta-Brant! Today’s photo-selection-process was actually a little more labor intensive than the last two — most of the photos of HJ that Laura found were of HJ in the Australian ocean or on the Australian beach (i.e. shirtless) or while wearing a hat of some sort while in Australia.  And for reasons she both can’t explain and doesn’t feel the need to explain, she just wasn’t in the mood for a shirtless or hat-wearing Hugh.  (Maybe tomorrow.) And so she settled on this one — mainly because of the pose:

For those of you who don’t know this little bit of trivia, Laura is a sucker for Jazz-Hands.

Laura’s tempted to push herself at this late hour to produce a full-length brant, but quite frankly she’s just too tired to start blabbing away about nothing.  Plus, she’s getting her 43rd hot flash of the day and has to get the fucking (459) laptop off her lap before she jumps out the window and into the snow below for some fucking (460) relief.  So she’s going to sign off now with the promise of another Hugh Jackman Decoy Photo Post tomorrow….

One thought on “Hugh Jackman "Jazz Hands" Decoy Photo #3

  1. janet says:

    This may be my favorite pose yet!


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