OMG. Ben Gets His First Rave Review

Laura can’t believe this:  there’s a review of Saturday’s School of Rock Led Zeppelin show in the Boston Phoenix!! The review is a bit harsh, and, Laura thinks, undeservedly so, since those kids freakin’ ROCKED and since School of Rock’s Boston musical director Bill Galatis and general manager Anderson Mar, not to mention all the teachers, should be applauded for their incredible hard work and the heart and soul they put into that school every single day.

(They should also be rewarded for being incredibly talented musicians in their own right who, despite being supremely cool on every level, are incredibly forgiving of us middle-aged suburban parents reliving our teenage music-crushes through these performances and weekly rehearsals and never ever ever make us feel un-cool which they could so easily do. Because we are. And it would be like shooting fish in a bucket, or whatever that saying is.  But that’s another story, and one that she keeps meaning to write to the School of Rock’s Corporate Office…)

Right at the end of this not-very-complimentary review — shockingly and amazingly — Ben is singled out as having successfully “channeled” John Bonham (Led Zeppelin drummer)!!!  Of course, the reporter says it better than that so go click on the link.  Also be sure to read all the comments!!!

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